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Bayer (Jordan)

The company Inter RAO UES 11.05.2009 signed a memorandum with the Government of Jordan on the allocation of the land plot of 191 square meters. km for exploration. Ultra-wideband electro magnetic impulse sounding method (UWB EMI) was used to identify reserves of 15 billion tons of oil shale with a yield of 6-10% synthetic oil. The work program will be allocated a single block with reserves of about 2 billion tons, its exploration and development of open pit mining. Processing of mined oil shale will be at 8 х UTT-3000 to produce 10,000 barrels of synthetic crude oil per day at a cost of 1 barrel of 25 USD.

In 2011-2012, the company has executed a work program geoprospection work, drilled 19 wells with depths ranging from 150 to 200 meters, the reserves are calculated and confirmed by the results of exploration 3D model of the deposit is made up of the site area and 200 square meters. km. selected promising area of 30 square meters. km. to master. Negotiations with inverters.