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Waste recycling

Plants of UTT-3000 type provide recycling of wastes contained organic substances (mechanical rubber products, cake, oil contaminated soil, solid household waste, used industrial oils and so forth). Recycling is performed along with oil shale. It doesn’t require connection to external energy sources and give a possibility to derive marketable products from wastes. It can be illustrated through the example of mechanical rubber products recycling. Mechanical rubber products utilization is one of ecological problems nowadays. From 10 to 20 kilograms of rubber per capita turn into waste annually in economically developed countries. Primarily mechanical rubber wastes (MRW) turn up used automobile tyres as well as conveyor belts, children’s toys, sanitary ware products. There are about 10 million automobile tyres on deposit sites of the European Union. Annual outcome of used tyres amounts to 2.5 million tons while manufacturing capacity of the European Tyre Recycling Association amounts to 1.7 million tons. There are no methods among existing MRW recycling technologies that provide non-waste using of these raw materials for manufacturing of new marketable products. As of today the technology of MRW recycling in UTT-3000 plants by the way of thermal destruction of rubber mixture in the process of its buffer recycling along with oil shale is the only such a technology proved in large industrial scale. With that they resolve such problems as transformation of rubber sulphides into refuse burnout of the process and use of potential warm of rubber char which amounts 20% of potential warm of MRW.

Productiveness of one UTT-3000 plant as for initial raw material of oil shale amounts 900-1000 thousand tons per year. Practical experience of automobile tyres recycling from the European Union revealed that 10% of mass flow of oil shale on MRW can be replaced during oil shale recycling with heat content of 8.4 MJ/kg without any violation of technological process parameters, i.e. one UTT-3000 plant is able to recycle up to 100 thousand tons per year. If the oil shale is not so rich of organic components quantity of MRW can be much higher.