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Our service

We provide full range of services for realization of the oil shale projects. At the moment we are implementing several projects for the construction of oil shale processing plants on the basis of UTT-3000 units worldwide. References and experience guarantee the highest quality of our services. We know what we do!

Geo survey
The first step of the project is geo survey. Our innovative methodology of conventional drilling together with our patented UWB EMI Sounding method provide us the most accurate results. According to UWB EMI Sounding survey we can build a 3D map of resources deposit. Samples of the oil shale transferring to the laboratory for the tests.

UWB EMI Sounding
UWB EMI sounding method is used together with conventional drilling and gives accurate results in a short time. With the results of UWB EMI Sounding it is possible to build the 3D map of the fields. Ltd. "TTU-Ltd" is the exclusive provider of this technology and offers UWB EMI sounding worldwide. Our experts are ready to take off with the equipment for work anywhere in the world.

Laboratory tests
One of the most important phases of the project, laboratory tests of samples of oil shale for oil yield and content of the substances. Based on the reliability of the data calculated a feasibility study. We have developed a method of collecting a representative sample to obtain the most accurate results from a specific site for a specific project.

Feasibility study
Due to result of geological exploration and analysis of the shale samples, "TTU Ltd." prepares the feasibility of the project. With a favorable prognosis, a complete set of documents may be submitted to the investor for a decision on funding. Upon order the conceptual design can be done, which is cheaper than the main project, but sufficient for approval of stock and obtaining the opinion of competent persons in accordance with international standards (JORC, CIM).

Basic design
Part of the project which is issued as a separate volume and used for examination and approval of governmental and regulatory authorities, provides basic technical solutions for the project. Basic design will take 6-8 months. The result of the review and approval of the basic design by government agencies is to start construction.

Detailed design
After the basic design is approved, the detailed design is started, it includes detailed and project documentation.

Equipment supply
"TTU-Ltd", together with its partners - equipment manufacturers, offers to supply a complete set of equipment for UTT-3000 installation (including the reactor, ash cyclones, air fountain furnace, etc.).
Delivery time for complete set of equipment is 8-10 months.

We provide supervision for construction, together with local construction companies and equipment suppliers.
Construction time is 8-10 monthes.

Launching and commissioning
After the construction work is done, our experts proceeds to commissioning and pre start procedures.

Personnel training
On the basis of Technology University (St. Petersburg, Russia) we have developed a training program for operating and maintenance of UTT-3000 installations. The training course take 3 months, after passing the training program participants receive a diploma.