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Sultani (Jordan) JOSECO

National Joint Stock Company for the production of oil and electricity from oil shale "JOSECO" signed a memorandum with the Agency of Natural Resources of Jordan (NRA) for the project of development of oil shale in the Sultani area (Al Sulatani Oil Shale Project). The project expect processing of oil shale in the Sulatani area using solid heat carrier technology Galoter ised in UTT-3000 installations. The company have got the deposit area for the development of 14.6 square km. including the career area of ​​9.8 square km.

Implementation of the project is planned in two phases: 1) The implementation of the pilot phase is planned in 13-15 years with the volume of production and processing of oil shale in manufacturing 3,000 barrels of shale oil per day 2) On the commercial stage, provides for expanding production to 50,000 barrels per day and electricity

For oil shale will be used modified Galoter-3000 processing technology developed by OOO "TTU-Ltd" based on proven reliability and efficiency of UTT-3000 installations. New technology Galoter-3000 differs from similar projects built by JSC "SPbAEP" in Estonia (Kohtla Järva and Narva): - 50% reduction of emissions to the atmosphere due to the failure of the drying - High efficiency heat recovery ash and flue gas - Lower water consumption through the use of natural moisture slate for technological nuzhnd