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China chooses Galoter technology based on UTT-3000 installations

Longkou Mining Group Galoter UTT-3000
In first decade of December 2012 a delegation of experts from China visited Russian specialists to discuss the possibility to design and construct oil shale processing plants based on UTT-3000 installations in China.
The Chinese side represented by Longkou Mining Group Co., Ltd, China University of Petroleum, Like Co. Ltd and Liaoning Chengda Co.Ltd., The Russian side was represented by JSC "SPbAEP", University of Technology, STC "Ecosorb" and LLC "TTU-Ltd."
Chinese companies are operating the Fushun type retorts for processing of oil shale, which can only use 30% of mined oil shale with fraction 25-125 mm. The main part of the extracted oil shale - fines - is stored in heaps, which are already measured in tens millions of tons. In search of sustainable solutions, according to the President of Longkou Mining Group, China's engineers explored different technologies that allow steady and efficient use of the entire oil shale mined and have chosen Galoter technology used in UTT-3000 installations. Chinese delegation have proposed Russian companies to take part in the design and construction oil shale processing plants. This proposal was accepted by the Russian side, and after negotiations it was drawn up and signed the first contract for the development of material and heat balances of the processing different kinds of Chinese oil shale. As the Chinese say, the road to ten thousand miles starts with the first step and this step has been taken.